This is me!

All of this is part of me and is more private than a biography, it is where I try to imagine who I am:

“Looking at the sea, collecting shells, buying souvenirs on holiday, collecting grains of sand from different places in the world, always wanting to leave on an adventure, to embrace the wanderlust in my soul, organising trips, not taking up roots, taking off on plane, travelling the open road, observing the passing landscape from the window, taking photographs, staying up late, listening to the rain, waking up and staying under the covers, breakfast in bed, caressing my cats, the sound of soft purrs, feeling the rain of a summer storm on my face, watching the lightning, the feeling of someone stroking my hair, looking for falling stars under the canopy of a night sky, the fireflies in the summer evenings, the gentle sounds of the swallows in May, the song of the cicadas in July, long walks in the countryside, the scent of sun dried linen, savoring the sweet taste of ice cream in the heat of summer, listening to flamenco rhythms, lost in thoughts of Spain, the crimson sunset in the sky, the wisteria in bloom, the weeping willow bent down to the river, browsing in book stores, shopping during the sales, black lace dresses, my passion for beautiful shoes, applying my make up, a ring with aquamarine, a stone in the shape of a lion’s head, my plushies, the moment during my coffee break when I stir the spoon and think, mint and liquorice ice cream, whipped cream, raspberries, Earl Grey tea, the scent of cinnamon, chocolate with sea salt and caramel, a Cosmopolitan drink, grilled peppers, chilli olives, cooking for a special someone, the conviviality of the dining table, looking at the illuminated windows of houses on a winter’s evening and imagining the history of those who live there, people watching on the train, art exhibitions, collecting scented candles, the lion as a spiritual animal, writing while my cats sleep next to the PC, winter evenings at the cinema, flipping through old photo albums, forever daydreaming … “.


Lovellis is a digital space where I can share my passion for fashion and inspire people to live their life with more glamour. Here is where I will also take the opportunity to tell you about my own personal life style, and give suggestions about Love & Style.
Just like an artist, each one of us can paint our own style, talk about our personalities, and express emotions. For this I think that class and elegance can also be manifested through our relationships with others, and our own unique ways of expressing feelings and love. Other than tips and advice on fashion, my blog will also give you an insight as to who I am and the things I like. Lovellis is a blog designed to talk about lifestyle in a romantic way, giving prominence to the Italian way of life.

My heartfelt Christmas wishes

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Once again the Christmas season is upon us! A magical time of year in which pretty coloured lights illuminate trees, people search for the perfect gift, and mothers begin to think about the menu for the holidays. Christmas is also a time for family though, of warmth, of loving each other and having everyone together…

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